What Your Front Door Says About You

By AFN Media Lifestyle

It's the first thing people see when arriving at your house, your front door. Not only does it invite people in but the color and style itself can say a lot about you.


Dreaming of painting your front door purple? Prepare to feel like royalty: This color means sophistication and perhaps a little fancy. 

But be careful when picking a shade purple can quickly turn from luxurious to garish.


This bright, affordable shade can mean different things depending on the quality of your home. (No, not all colors cost the same—and orange tends to be one of the cheapest.)

But it also gives a certain pop on your home and is inviting to guests.


What does the most typical of all front door colors say about you? You might be a neat freak, or just really into modern Scandinavian design. The least neutral of the neutrals, white indicates sterility, cleanliness, and simplicity. On the flip side, it can also say this homeowner likes everything immaculate and could make guests a little nervous. 


Looking to stand out on your block? This bold shade certainly makes an impression: Yellow is linked to optimism and extraversion. Guests will expect sunny rooms and cheerful decor inside. Don’t splash it everywhere, though—it looks best as a spot of color against a darker home. If you cover the whole house, it can indicate irrationality and anxiety.


Looking for visitors? Try painting your front door a bright blue, which is linked to calmness and trust.


Green is one of the best-selling door colors. Traditionally, the color indicates prosperity and wealth, but its natural appeal means you’re also serene and peaceful. Don’t be afraid to pick a vivid green, though: Too neutral and you might seem bland.


What’s more stately than a solid black door? If you’re looking for a color that connotes seriousness, this one’s for you. This traditional color often seems formal, but you can add a playful tone with a modern black door against a colorful exterior. Covered with a shiny veneer, it’s definitely glamorous—and might make your home appear safer and well-protected.


Don’t want to paint? Unpainted wood conveys a more relaxed atmosphere. It gives off a sense of a cozy and rustic home. 


The Chinese consider a red door facing south or southeast very lucky. But even if it isn't facing that direction it is a vibrant color that gives off tremendous confidence.